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200+Designers mentored by UX, UI and graphic design professionals
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You've got the design skills, but employers are looking at more than just your portfolio.

Whether it's demystifying the interview process, providing feedback on a personal project, or advising you on potential next steps through mentorship or coaching, Uplift is here to help you achieve your goals.

How it works for mentees

Create a profile, search for a design coach with similar interests or background, and book a 30-minute virtual session to help you take your design career to the next level.
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How it works for design coaches

Create a profile, set your availability, and wait for designers to set up virtual sessions with you. Particpate as much as you like or pause your account when you want to take a break.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't identify as a Black, Latinx, or underrepresented designer of color. Can I still use Uplift? Unfortunately this resource is meant for folks who identify in those groups. You may want to try other resources like ADP List.
How do you vet and choose coaches?Our first cohort of of coaches are selected from our long standing partnerships with known companies.
Am I limited in the amount of interviews I do?No, you are not limited to the amount of interviews. We can’t guarantee availability of coaches if you’re looking to schedule multiple sessions, but we hope you find people who can support you well!

About Inneract Project

Inneract Project is committed to reshaping the design industry so that more Black, Latinx and underrepresented designers of color are present, empowered, and supported. We offer free design education and initiatives that introduce marginalized youth of color to the field of design so they can channel their creativity into exciting new career paths. We also bring designers of all ages together, whether emergent or experienced, and help them explore design’s ability to address the many challenges facing the future of our nation and/or world.